What to Expect From a Pediatric School Physical Health Examination

Ensuring the well-being of our children is a top priority for parents and healthcare providers alike. One crucial aspect of maintaining children's health is through regular pediatric school physical examinations. These check-ups are designed to assess various aspects of a child's physical health and development. Let's explore what you can expect during a pediatric school physical examination. Height and Weight Measurement One of the first things that will be checked during a physical examination is your child's height and weight.

How Pediatric Urgent Care Services Can Help with Childhood Injuries

Childhood injuries are quite common and can range from minor cuts to more serious conditions that require immediate medical attention. However, not all injuries are severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. In such cases, a pediatric urgent care service can be a great alternative. Here's a look at five injuries a pediatric urgent care service can help with, saving you unnecessary stress and worry. Minor Cuts and Scrapes