3 Reasons For Dry Eyes

When your eyes are burning or feel gritty, it may be a sign of dry eyes. In most instances, dryness is a transient problem that is easily corrected with self-care. If your eyes feel dry constantly, there may be other underlying problems that need treatment. Humidity And Allergies Changes in the weather or your environment can frequently cause dry eyes. The problem may be the humidity in your environment, whether it is your specific environment or changes in the weather.

Interested In Becoming A Doula? Explore Your Options And Ask Yourself These Things

If you are interested in becoming a doula and you think that it's something that you would be good at, find a training program and find out if this is really something that you could do. The training program will allow you to get some knowledge about the process of being a doula and what the obligations really are. Here are some of the considerations you want to make before determining if this is the right career path for you.

Living With Knee Arthritis? 3 Different Ways To Lessen Your Pain

Living with arthritis of the knee and having the most difficult time getting through each day because of it? Even the simplest of tasks, such as walking around or standing up, may be the most challenging for you because of the level of discomfort you are dealing with. Arthritis of the knee can become quite debilitating for the average person, causing them to miss time from work or even end up on disability because they are in so much pain.

Three Fibromyalgia Management Strategies That Don't Involve Popping Pills

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition for which there is no cure. Doctors often prescribe medications meant for treating other ailments—such as depression and high blood pressure—to help control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. However, these drugs do not work for everyone, and sometimes they cause unwanted side effects. If you would rather take a non-pill-popping approach to managing your fibromyalgia, here are a few options. Physical Therapy Stiffness and fatigue are two of the most pronounced symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Keep Yourself From Getting Dehydrated When Enjoying The Summer Weather Outside

If you are anxious to get outside and spend the entire day enjoying the summer sun, you should go prepared so that you can prevent dehydration. Before you head out, keep the tips below in mind so you can keep yourself from becoming dehydrated while playing outside in the hot weather. Wear the Right Types of Clothing Before you leave your house, take a look at what you are planning to wear.