Chronic Back Pain? Consider Ozone Therapy

Have you been dealing with back pain for months or even years on end? Chances are you have a herniated disc or a bulging disc. This is an injury that will continue bugging you, potentially for the rest of your life, unless you take big steps to help heal it. In years past, those big steps were almost always surgical. Today, however, you have other options. One of them is ozone therapy. Here are some key questions (and answers) about ozone therapy for back pain.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is a form of oxygen. It consists of three atoms of oxygen bound together, rather than the two bound atoms that is more typically seen. Ozone is found naturally in the atmosphere, and over the years, it has been found to have healing benefits. It can stimulate blood flow to tissues, which helps them heal. Ozone therapy comes in many forms. There are topical ozone creams you can apply to superficial wounds, along with injections to help heal deeper injuries.

How is ozone therapy applied to the back?

Ozone therapy for back pain is almost always delivered via injection. Your practitioner will inject some ozone into the tissues directly adjacent to your herniated disc. Depending on the severity of your injury, they may also inject it directly into the herniated disc itself. You'll often need several treatments, spaced a few weeks apart, in order to experience full healing. As you begin getting the injections, your doctor will monitor your progress to determine how many treatments you need and when you need them.

Does ozone therapy hurt?

When your back is in pain, often the last thing you want is a treatment that makes the pain worse, even if the worsening pain is temporary. This is why so many people avoid back surgery! The good news is that the additional pain caused by ozone therapy is minimal. There will be a brief pinching and stinging like there is with any other injection. However, once the injection itself is over, you shouldn't have any extra pain. In fact, patients often find that their back pain starts diminishing a few hours after the treatment.

Ozone therapy is changing the way doctors and other practitioners treat chronic back pain due to herniated discs. The ozone stimulates healing so you can have long-lasting relief. Look for a practitioner like Gary Jett, MD near you who offers this care, and give it a try.