Using A Reputable Medical Clinic For Your Company's Drug Testing

As a business owner, you want to hire the most qualified candidates to work for you. You want to know that these individuals do not have any impairments that can threaten their employment or make them a liability for your company. 

To gain these assurances, you may decide to drug test people that you intend to hire. You can use the services of an experienced medical clinic to perform your drug testing for you.

Knowledgeable Drug Testing

When you outsource your drug testing to a licensed medical facility, you can hand off the decision of what kind of tests to perform. The tests that the clinic does for you will largely rely on what kinds of drugs that you want to test. Some substances are easier to trace through blood or hair follicle tests than urine tests.

You can tell the clinic what kinds of drugs that you want your employees tested for and then leave the decision for what kind of test to perform to the clinic's staff. They will ensure that you get the most accurate results so you know what people to hire and what ones to avoid adding to your staff.

Lengthy Tests

The clinic that you use for your drug testing may also be able to trace the amount of drugs in a person's system for months. In fact, you may want to know if this person has used any kind of drugs in the last three to six months. You do not want to train or hire anyone who could have a long-standing dependency.

The clinic can perform tests that determine months' worth of some kinds of drug use. It can tell what, if any substances, that the person has used recently. It not only can tell what drugs the person has used recently but also some that were used in the past few months.

Finally, you can use the services of a medical facility to perform routine drug testing on your employees that you already have on staff. You may require them to remain sober while in your employment. The clinic can handle your business' routine drug testing and keep accurate records of your employees' results.

An experienced medical facility can perform your company's drug testing. It can determine what tests to run to look for certain substances. It can also perform routine tests on your company's staff.

For more information, reach out to a medical clinic that has drug testing services in your area.