Living With Knee Arthritis? 3 Different Ways To Lessen Your Pain

Living with arthritis of the knee and having the most difficult time getting through each day because of it? Even the simplest of tasks, such as walking around or standing up, may be the most challenging for you because of the level of discomfort you are dealing with. Arthritis of the knee can become quite debilitating for the average person, causing them to miss time from work or even end up on disability because they are in so much pain. If you need relief, you do have options, many of which can significantly reduce your pain.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

A popular method of treatment for those with knee arthritis is knee pain stem cell therapy. The purpose of this method of treatment is to drastically reduce the amount of pain a patient experiences while strengthening the deteriorating cartilage attached to the knee bones. The treatment is completed in the office with a physician who will carefully inject the collected stem cells into the affected areas. The injections are not known for causing any significant amount of discomfort. In fact, they are often inserted in minutes and will quickly begin working to relieve you of a lot of your pain.

Protective Knee Brace

Wearing a protective knee brace when you are planning on going for a walk is a great way to lessen the discomfort. Compression knee braces offer the extra support that you may now need due to the arthritis of the knee. If you are going to wear a brace on your knee, talk to the physician about the type of brace that would be best for you. There are a few different types of braces available and you do need to make sure you are wearing one that will effectively help you with your pain.

Assorted Leg Exercises

Doing a few types of leg exercises each morning could help you prepare for the day while relieving some discomfort caused by your arthritis. The best leg exercises to do include traditional squats, leg lifts, and hamstring stretches. Doing these exercises for at least 10 minutes each day could make quite the difference.

When living with arthritis of the knee, completing even the simplest tasks may become more of a struggle for you. If you are searching for relief from the daily discomfort you experience, you could benefit from stem cell therapy treatments. While receiving these treatments, you can also work on getting relief in other ways by wearing a protective knee brace and performing assorted leg exercises.