Keep Yourself From Getting Dehydrated When Enjoying The Summer Weather Outside

If you are anxious to get outside and spend the entire day enjoying the summer sun, you should go prepared so that you can prevent dehydration. Before you head out, keep the tips below in mind so you can keep yourself from becoming dehydrated while playing outside in the hot weather.

Wear the Right Types of Clothing

Before you leave your house, take a look at what you are planning to wear. The types of clothing that you wear while you spend the day outdoors can determine how your body regulates its moisture content.

If your outfit contains dark-colored polyester and is tight fitting, it could potentially speed up the dehydration process. If you wear dark colors, they will absorb the heat of the sun, causing you to sweat more.

And, if you are wearing a fabric that is not breathable and that fits tightly around your body, the heat from your skin will only lead to more sweating. The more you sweat, the more your body loses water.

Instead, wear light shades of moisture-wicking fabric that fit your body loosely. The light shades will reflect some of the sun's rays, and the loose fabric will help the sweat evaporate and cool your skin.

Drink Water or Sugar-Free Liquids Frequently

Once you have dressed yourself properly, the next thing you need to do is make sure you take enough fluids with you to replace any water in your body being sweated out in the heat. Ideally, you should bring one or two bottles of water for every hour that you will be outside, depending on the level of activity you have planned.

If you do not care for water, you can opt for sugar-free liquids such as real fruit juice with no added sugar. Sugar has a tendency to absorb water once it is in your system, which will make you thirstier and dehydrate you faster.

Also, leave any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages at home or plan to enjoy them after your outdoor activities. While either type of these beverages may seem refreshing, they could lead to severe dehydration if you drink them while out in the summer heat.

Both of these ingredients have a diuretic effect on your body. They will signal your kidneys to pull more water out of your blood. This will make you have to urinate more frequently, as well as dehydrating your body's cells. And, when your body signals you that it needs fluids and you consume more, the effects are compounded until dehydration occurs.

Pay Attention to Your Urine

Even if you take every precaution before going outside, your body will still lose some of its moisture while you are outside in the summer heat. Fortunately, there is a way for you to keep tabs on how much liquid your body needs—your urine.

Whenever you lose a certain amount of water, your urine will appear dark. This darkness happens because the kidneys will try to preserve what water is still available in your bloodstream and limit the amount it pulls out. The urine then appears dark because other waste products are highly concentrated.

Every time you go to the bathroom, pay attention to the color of your urine. If it appears very light yellow, you know that your body is properly hydrated. However, if it appears dark yellow or orange, it is time to drink a bottle of water to replenish your fluids

Using the tips above can help you stay hydrated while enjoying the outdoors. However, if you start feeling weak or suspect that you are suffering from heat exhaustion, seek help at an urgent care center as soon as possible.