3 Common Ways That IV Therapy Is Used

It is not uncommon to see a person who is in the hospital with an IV in their arm. However, you might wonder what, exactly, the IV is used for. This can depend from patient to patient, but these are three of the common ways that IV therapy is used.

1. Correcting Dehydration

Perhaps one of the more common uses of IV therapy is to correct dehydration. Dehydration can be caused by many things, including a person being sick and vomiting a lot, causing them to lose a lot of fluids. Unfortunately, dehydration can cause a lot of health concerns, so doctors like to move quickly to help remedy the situation. With IV therapy, medical professionals can help a person get the fluid that they need so that they will not be dehydrated anymore. This can be done much more quickly and easily than the person simply drinking water to try to become rehydrated, and it can be a good solution if the person might be at risk of vomiting if he or she drinks a lot of water. This can allow a person to become hydrated quickly and with minimal problems along the way.

2. Giving Medication

When an IV is used for rehydration purposes, the person is given a simple solution that is mostly made out of water. In some cases, an IV is given as a means of administering medication. With an IV, the medication is administered directly into the vein. A good thing about giving medication through an IV is the fact that a medical professional does not have to prick the patient with a needle each time that medication is given; instead, it can be given through the IV that is already in place.

3. Giving a Blood Transfusion

In some situations, patients need a blood transfusion. Basically, this is when they are given blood that is of the same blood type as their own. This is necessary in various situations, such as if a person has had surgery and has lost a lot of blood. Blood is carefully tested before given in a blood transfusion to help prevent the passing along of diseases.

As you can see, IV therapy is used in various ways, particularly to those who are admitted into the hospital. A medical professional can tell you more about IV therapy and whether or not it might be a good treatment option for whatever medical condition you might be dealing with.

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