How Visiting An Urgent Care Clinic Is The Perfect Solution For A Last-Minute Sport's Physical

When a child signs up to play a sport in school, the school will most likely require several things before the child can begin attending practices. One of these might be a consent form that you, the parent, must sign, and another might be a sport's physical. If your child just informed you that practices start tomorrow and the physical form must be turned in, you may wonder how you can get this completed so quickly. Here are some tips to consider if you are in this bind.

Call your child's doctor

Without getting the physical done quickly, your child will not be able to participate at practice. Not only can this be embarrassing for kids, but it can also put them behind in the sport they are beginning. If you want to make sure your child can participate, you will have to get the physical completed soon, and you might be able to do this by calling the child's doctor.

Regular doctors perform sport's physicals; however, most doctor's offices do not accept walk-ins. Because of this, you will need to call to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The bad part about this is that it is not easy to get in to see a doctor at the last minute. In fact, the clinic might not even be open right now, but there is another option you could choose.

Visit an urgent care center

The best thing you could do in this situation is to visit an urgent care clinic like Alaska Urgent Care LLC. When you go, bring the physical form with you to give to the doctor and sign your child in. Urgent care clinics are best known for offering healthcare services to people that are sick or that have minor injuries, but these clinics also offer basic healthcare services, such as vaccinations and sport's physicals.

In most cases, the wait time at an urgent care facility will be less than one hour, and most people do not even wait longer than 15 minutes. While you are waiting, you could fill out the parts of the form required by the patient to save time later on. As long as the child's health is good and there are no problems found by the doctor, the doctor will complete the rest of the form and your child will be good to go.

If you need medical help now or a sport's physical completed by tomorrow, your best option is to visit an urgent care clinic in your area.