Improve Elasticity And Other Female Reproductive Concerns By Undergoing Innovative Thermiva Treatments

ThermiVa is a new nonsurgical procedure for women whose external labia and vaginal canal need tightening and rejuvenation. More and more women are selecting to undergo this procedure, since it's an open subject of discussion that affects many women in America. Before ThermiVa came about, women were embarrassed to seek treatment that would tighten their labia and vagina. Now that ThermiVa is so popular, you too can take advantage of the benefits linked with ThermiVa therapeutic treatment, which can bring elasticity back to your vaginal muscles.

Vaginal Wall Distension

It's no secret that your vaginal muscles distend and lose their elasticity after you've had babies. Vaginal muscles also become lax as you grow old. So natural damage to those muscles are responsible for your diminished sensation while having sexual intercourse. Perhaps you experience reduced sexual satisfaction, which lately affects the relationship with your partner. 

A Solution With ThermiVa

ThermiVa can fix all your lax vaginal muscles, and it also addresses problems with vaginal/vulvar dryness as well as sexual or orgasmic dysfunction. All those fixes are done without surgical intervention. The really neat thing about ThermiVa is that it addresses female reproductive issues for women at different ages in life. All young women who have given birth and women with post-menopausal issues should have access to this technology. Fixing areas in your reproductive system will bring you a certain happiness.

How Does ThermiVa Really Work?

ThermiVa is a device that is technologically made in the shape of a handheld probe in the shape of the letter "S". The probe is designed to deliver controlled thermal radiofrequency energy to areas in your reproductive system that you want fixed. You have the choice of having the probe treat your external labia genitalia or your internal genitalia, with specific attention to your vaginal canal. The treated areas receive thermal energy that boosts collagen production, which brings about elasticity to those areas. So it's a sort of remodeling that's going on where you need it most.

Expected Results Of The Procedure

ThermiVa shrinks tissue, which improves firmness and tightness. Your labia skin will be smoother and softer following the energy transfer. If you've been haunted by the lack of elasticity in your vaginal canal that is an intricate part of female intimacy, ThermiVa's science treats the problem with improved elasticity, fixes prolapsed vaginal tissue, and repairs urinary incontinency as well. Following your treatment, you'll feel no discomfort or pain. No lengthy recovery time is needed, and you can resume your daily activities right away