3 Steps You Should Take When Taking In A Relative That Is A Recovering Drug Addict

Drug addictions are becoming more and more common today, and they can be devastating to families. For a person to overcome a drug addiction, he or she may need a lot of different forms of help. If you have a close loved one that needs some help to break their addiction, you may want to invite him or her into your home. This can be a wonderful way to help the person overcome the addiction; however, you will need to take some steps to ensure that you are helping the person and not simply enabling him or her.

Set Boundaries, Expectations, and Goals

The first thing you will need to do is create a list of the following types of things for your loved one before he or she moves in:

  • Boundaries – Boundaries is another word for rules, and these are very important. You must set rules about what your relative can and cannot do, and it is easier to set these initially than to try to set them up later.
  • Expectations – In addition to rules, it's also important to set up expectations for your relative. This will help him or her know what he or she is expected to do to stay living with you.
  • Goals – Goals are also vital, because goals help direct a person's path towards progress and the future.

Enforce Consequences

Boundaries and rules mean nothing if there are no consequences for failing to follow them, which is why you must enforce consequences when needed. When you initially create all these things, you should also let your relative know what will happen if he or she fails to follow the rules and expectations. You may want to set up a warning system where the first offense is simply a warning. After that, you can have harsher consequences in place.

Require Random Drug Testing

Finally, you should require random drug testing for your loved one on a regular basis. If you want to help a recovering drug addict, you will need to monitor his or her body to find out if the person is really staying away from drugs. You can have this done at a clinic in your area, and the tests they offer are very effective and comprehensive.

When you initially decide to help a recovering addict, you may want to take him or her in for drug testing right away. This can help you determine how bad the problem is and what steps you should take. Contact a company like Pecos Drug Testing for more info.